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Why Hydrojets?

Enjoy life on the water. Noise & odour-free. Sylents currently offers electric In & Outboarders up to 6 hp. From 2021 on, SY/M, an electric high-performance drive system for motor boats, will deliver more power – available as In & Outboard Drive up to 50 kW.

Sylent’s products are blockage & injury-free and robust in the way it works. They do not create an unpleasant smell and are particularly quiet in operation. There is also no risk of pollution from leaking oil or gasoline.

through more range with less effort

more Convenience
less noise and stench

by less Co2

Electric Outboard – clean drive technology with state-of-the-art technology

Sylents – a light outboard. It weighs only 5 kg including battery and transports anglers in the right spot for their catch and kayaker back to their starting point.

With Sylents, you can confidently moor on the shore. Sand, stones or reed grass can’t harm it. The self-contained drive system is unbreakable and free of injuries.

At the same time, Sylents is easy to use and quick to mount, so that anglers and kayakers can fully focus on their sport.

Since Sylents operates extremely efficiently, a range of up to 100 km is guaranteed.

Electric Inboard – for boats on protected waters

Sylents as an Inboard system with power electronics delivers 5000 rpm for displacement drives.

It is a synthesis of performance and an integrated overall system with a safety concept. All components of the system are coordinated and waterproof.

The electric boat drive is not only robust, but clogging & injury-free and especially a real economic alternative for intensive users.

Minimal maintenance: An electric drive requires far less maintenance than comparable drives with fossil fuels.