creating the future


This is how it started

Everything started on holidays, on the beach in the sun. We lay there enjoyed the tranquility and the vastness of the sea. Noise spooked us. It was a PWC that came closer and crossed off the coast and polluted the air. The whole thing annoyed us so much that we decided to change something. And then we came up with the idea…. from an electric water jet drive, which did not exist before. We are the first manufacturer of this technologically revolutionary idea in the world.

Hilmar Unterrainer, M.A.

Industrial Engineer
Diploma in Electronic and Business Administration, Project Manager at a Siemens subsidiary, previously Founder of a Tech Venture (E-Mobility)

Hans Waldherr, MSc

Masters Degree in Computer Science, Founding partner of several Deeptech Ventures (AI, E-Mobility), Global Sales at Streamunlimited Embedded Systems Speech Assistants, Managing Partner of Spectralmind

This is our great team



Graduate at Höhere Technische
Bundeslehranstalt Wels, Mechatronics Engineer at
Stromkind GmbH



Bachelor Electronics – FH Technikum, Wien Bauelemente, Kommunikationstechnik, Embedded Systems, Hardware- & Softwaredevelopment

Peter Simek


Mechatronics Engineer
Masters Degree in Robotics and Cybernetics, New Product Developer / Mechatronics Engineer for various industries with couple of products


Detail-oriented PhD, graduate focused on hydraulic machines and CFD simulations with experiences of hydrodynamic pump designing